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My life turned around after vaccation from the …. going to Guam and meeting Joseph Cheesman Thompson. He told me so many amazing stories, He was impressive, he was so great. It’s a nucky world,to me, to me.

Lies in peace and war. He had done it all. The great Pretender.


Writing and acting thats Snake to me, thats crazy snake Thompson. He could become anyone. And the story about his bomb, well i have to tell yo later. Acting it out. a broadcast in the broad way.

He was a cool skilled liar in war in order to make peace. He was an cool writer in war in order to make peace. He was my dear friend Dr Thompson.

He was a player in Peace and War my Snake, here as a spy in vienna under the name of Dr. Victor Kuhne. A German Doctor in Switzerland, Austria and Germany writing about balkan and the roots of the balkan war. My Snake. he had secrets, we had secrets.

Changing names and labels after the intent in time.


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What is Scientology and our image of Scientology without the Scientologists and it’s major advocates in the public picture together with the textures of the former Scientologist who now have left the Cult of Scientology and are able to have more pictures of the


Hubbard was a military man with at least some services as intelligence officer and to the office of censorship. His service in the navy has is apparently highly inspiration to the uniformed force the Sea Org in which one dedicate the hole life to the service of that purpose, and beyond the commitments of the military life, if you join, you join for life and are not supposed to leaving the organization in this lifetime. That’s far beyond the military commitment in the army and into the navy.

The battlefields of any military organization of the global earth today is basically impossible if not uniforming oneself as a Trojan horse and use the very dress codes of something it basically not is and never has been. The best is to identify as far away from what its really is. Today Scientology claims to be a religious organization, and  claim to work in society for human rights, and much more while the organizations in practize works in order of destroy and silencing the critics. No matter if its former members who later on decides to share the knowledge they have payed expensively often by the bests years of their life and by a lot of money.

Scientology uses the


Cacadu methods to destroy the eggs of future for the ones that receives that destructive aim



Mark Rathbun

Inspector General

Religious Technology Center


Former page at the Cult Scientology – the military organization that avoides military action from the countries it invades by pretending to be a religion or the red cross of beautiful delight to the future of earth.


Inspector General

Religious Technology Center

Mark Rathbun is a member of the Board and the Inspector General of Religious Technology Center, which exists to monitor and safeguard the orthodox practice of the Scientology religion. He has been a church staff member since 1978.

RTC stands apart from the Church of Scientology hierarchy as an external body which protects the religion and acts as the final arbiter of orthodoxy. At the apex of this function is RTC’s Inspector General Network, operating from seven offices in four continents.

The duties and authority of the Inspector General RTC are much like those traditionally associated with the “inspector general” title in other organizations—namely to investigate and correct departures from organizational standards and ethics, or anything else which might betray an organization’s service to its constituent public.

In 1987, Mr. Rathbun became a director of the Religious Technology Center.

Mr. Rathbun has also contributed to a number of major victories in church history. Working alongside Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of Board of the Religious Technology Center, he helped end the 40-year conflict between the church and the IRS, resulting in the 1993 recognition of the religious and charitable status of more than 150 Scientology churches around the world, including RTC. He has oftentimes interacted with the media on these subjects.



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