Commander Snake Thompson s Father Statements

Commander Snake Joseph Cheesman Thompson

At the American Consulate Nagasaki, Japan

I, Thomas Jackson Thompson, do solemnly swear that I was born at Foston, Lincolnshire, England, August 15, 1843;

Thomas Jackson Thompson about Lizzie Cheesman and Joseph Cheesman Thompson
Thomas Jackson Thompson about Lizzie Cheesman and Joseph Cheesman Thompson – His Family

That my father, Pierre J. Thompson, emigrated to the United States and settled at Rutland, Vermont, in the year 1858, and thereafter removed to Greenbush, Rensselaer county, New York, in either the year 1862 or 1863, where, to the best of my information and belief, he was naturalized as a citizen of the United States, and where he continued to reside until death in the year 1873, and  during Which time I know he exercised the right of suffrage that in the year 1860 I vent to Rutland, Vermont  and resided with my father until departure to Greenbush and I thereafter remained Rutland In school until the year 1866, When I Went Kenyon College, Ohio; that in the year 1869 I rejoined my father at Greenbush, New York, and studied medicine at the neighboring Albany Medical College the year 1871, when I went to reside in New York City and on Staten Island and there resided continuously the year 1901;

that from the year 1872 to the year 1879 I held the position of Deputy Health Officer of the Port of New York: That in the year 1901, my health being broken, I was compelled to seek a change of climate, and came to Nagasaki, Japan, where,  finding climatic conditions suited to malady (anemia and nervous disorder) I have since resided; that I am convinced that a speedy return to my former home and occupation would seriously endanger my health, not quickly being followed by a fatal result; that since the naturalization’s  of my father I have continued to believe myself to be a citizen of the United States and have exercised the

the rights and privileges Of Such Citizenship; that it is my intention to return to the United States When my health Will permit me to do so; that. I Was married to Lizzie Cheesman, a native-born citizen Of the United States, at Greenbush, Rensselaer County, New York, in the year 1873, Whom I have two sons, born in the United States, the elder of whom Joseph Cheesman Thompson, is a surgeon on United State e Navy and now on duty on the U.S.S. “Chattanooga”:  that ever since my first arrival in the  United States I have always borne true faith and allegiance  to the Constitution and laws of the United States  and, further I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith  and allegiance to the same; and that I take this obligation freely. Without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion: So help me God.

Thomas Jackson Thompson

Thomas Jackson Thompson

Sworn to and subscribed before me this twelfth day Of

November, 1907.

Dr Thomas Jackson Thompson

Thomas Jackson Thompson in the U.S., Consular Registration Certificates, 1907 – 1908

Nagasaki Japan

Highashi, Yamati, Nagasaki, Japan

Data referring ID: Lizzie Cheesman, Joseph Cheesman Thompson

Thomas Thompson M.D and Lizzie Thompson Returning from Nagasaki, Japan.


Thomas Jackson Thompson M.D.

PHYSICIAN. Born August 15, 1843, in England. Attended high school, Rutland, Vt.; graduated from  Kenyon, 1869, A.B.; also M.D.; member Philomathesian society ; Deputy Health Officer of Port of New York, 1872-’79. Married March 11, 1873, to Lizzie Cheesman. Three sons.

In public interest since Commander Snake Joseph Thompson seems to have been one of the main inspirations of L Ron Hubbard to Dianetics and Scientology. In both Wikipedia and forums there seems to be interests of hagiography as well as ex Scientologists will to believe in something of major importance regardless of what can be shown as verifiable truth. Resulting in a strange picture of reality relying on citations from novels rather than facts.

-Missionary family?
-Childhood in Japan?
And so on … Searching with Google Scholar gives this highly questionable
Commander Snake Thompson Freud

But please, where are the references to all  this..?

Weak Nerves runs in the family seems more likely, does it not?

Victor Kuhne Electropsychometric Reflex

E-Meter Fundamentals from Commander snake Thompson as Dr Victor Kuhne …

Since Commander Snake Joseph Cheesman was such a great inspiration to L Ron Hubbard with Dianetics and Scientology we here show some of the events that might have formed him. The Background, the fairground. Since many other sources seems to be under Scientology Hagiography interests – Or Ex Scientologist trying to have filled their life with at least some meaning, we will might show many pictures and images. not just the vacuum of empty rooms in morphology, that some seems in a

Fact density

That Hubbard wrote Science fiction we all already know.






Commander Snake Thompson in love and Crazy War

Joseph Cheesman Thompson

PR in Black & White
EMilia kalisher thompson artist

Examples from Commander Snake Thompson’s private life

-A marriage that never happens
-One that does occur
Commander Thompson seems to have an ability to captivate the press into his whereabouts. His Sociology of mass impact Pr in wartime is harder to evaluate. But did Crazy Snake Thompson in any way managed the art of marketing management in love and war?

I would say Yes! This is a sample.

But also managed the art of winning and behave in order to so do – Meaning that he might have been very anarchistic in expressions of his behavioral roots of social life and skilled at it. Black and White PR is Wartime action with it’s diplomatic. At first it might appear just like crazy until one realize that there was no known road out of the problem, so a new one has to be invented.

strange crazy notations

Snake quickly internalize a function

it is easy to see how a young L Ron Hubbard could be very inspired by a bragging style Thompson, who had no reason to brag to anyone, but to blow the little sad ones sadness away. And so he did. To me this just indicate an older man blowing a little minds cry far away. With the strengths of his experience he had some to put into it.

With the strengths of Dr. Thompson’s Science expeditions or spy expeditions flagged as science, as well as Dr Thompson’s experiences from starting the Lectures outside the cages of the animals in the San Diego Zoo. He know Caesar the Kodiak bear, for a while he drove Caesar to Zoo in his Automobile every morning and what Hubbard expressed in handling was …
-Aye Aye Copy that Sir!

But there might be a huge difference between just copying a encyclopedic from Piratebay and learning after a while, one eyed vision. After all there is a huge difference between Snake and selling Snake poisons and rattle in the quackery area. A copycat makes not a Siamese.

Learning teachers
Entrepreneur souls last in bone and stone – The XO Skeleton .
Way beyond the Newspapers and the black and white.

Most of all Dr Thompson was a teacher
Married to ladies that also seems to have been teachers. The ability to internalize the functions of nature did show up in many ways from the ability to catch a fish, get that snake. Or simply by transfer, his know-how in a way teacher not always manage to do. Inducing the state of learning, awaken the mind to the nature around.
Wife of Dr Joseph C Thompson
Remember the fish image earlier, Downy Blenny baptized after his Emilia Kalisher, the colorful artist with her landscape in mind. Oops Emilia K Thompson it was.

Downy Blenny is not like the Fang Blenny the venom injecting fish with the painless bite.

Emilia Kalisher Thompon

Sometimes almost invisible, sometimes just strikingly there.

Gobioclinus kalisherae. Named at the request of Dr Thompson, in Honor of Miss Kalisher

Swim with the fishes
And naming them in colored glance. Miss Emilia Kalisher and colorful artist, one of the most well known bachelor women in California and the most well known women artist in San Fransisco.
Commander Snake Thompson did not appear to have any problems expressing his appreciation to the beloved ones. Surprise and lift you up is very near every parents action to their child – Hubbard mentioning Thompson, yes it appears so. But not the other way around, even it seems suggested so by interest of the copy-cat.

In China, he becomes close friends with British intelligence officers, Buddhist priests, US Marines and the last remaining magician from the line of Kublai Khan’s court. (1926-1929: Travels in Guam) .  L Ron Hubbard, Scientology Hagiographer.

China, British intelligence, Buddhist priests, US marines? Yes the copycat was clearly inspired. Xerox in G – the gravity of the impact. What else could it be? The lies mirroring what he wanted to be. And then follows in the same pattern. The reactive mind selling freedom from it & relabels his reactivity as the nature of protesting against anyone in opposition to him. They are Suppressive Persons, they are Potential problem sources PTS.

Bragging and lifting you Inverted

Hubbard was delighted and becomes very skilled in using this technique in the most inverted way. This might also in several ways mirror his personality, not just the personality test. He learned part of the art but never seems to get the bigger picture.

Liftining and sinking TECH

Inverted like a clockwork –

Knowing the correct spelling of the word and missing the meaning. The dear near loving lift appears in Hubbard mostly inverted but always starts with a lift, welcome in … Why does Hubbard do like this?Exactly how much have L Ron Hubbard been strictly abusive to what he learned, is hard to say. But to catch anyone in Scientology he always starts with a little lifting first. Without ever forgetting his mother sweet singing voice. And this comes from somewhereThey can't take my dreams by L Ron Hybbard's mother
Auntie came running on the boardwalk With, some old song … ledora sang to me. Hubbard pretends to be juicy. And Hubbard Ron L is as always quick into something else… Don’t question the direction of the flow – Directing Dervish. So he remember his dreams and forget to be awaken.Just like a giant baby, like we all are in the beginning, just concentrated on growing. This in itself might also be an indication of that Commander Thompson never really did know the nature of the little L Ron Hubbard, but was happy to help him higher.
Scientology Map L Ron Hubbard group contributed with some images just to thumb in the picture and get a grip.

Commander Snake Thompson Crazy in love and War

Joseph Cheesman Thompson

Black and White PR In Love and War

Victor Kühne

Parts from: Commander Joseph Cheesman Thompson – Impact to L Ron Hubbard and Scientology
Love x 2

Joseph A or Joseph C Thompson, spelling varies but the person seems to be the same. An assistant surgeon on warship Mohican in Honolulu.
to marry former miss Ah Fong

The most written about love story in that year in a lot of articles more or less the same. Marrying the daughter to the richest man in Hawaii… and how he felt in love at once. Hmmm.
Surgeon thompson about to wed
Love has no boundaries …
to wed a Honolulu girl
A wedding with A Hutchinson (probably Alice) that never seems to happens …

The Next one Dr Thompson falls in love with is also highly prolific and one of the most well-known bachelor Woman of California.
One of the most well known
She is also the most well known women artist in San Fransisco. The bachelor girl Emilia Kalisher. One of the very high profile ladies in town.

Emilia Kalisher Thompson
Her proud father (Edward Kalisher) announces that a wedding already has happened between his daughter Emilia Kalisher and Dr Joseph Cheesman Thompson. Many where surprised, they thought she was married to art itself. Her father and mother was born in Germany and she have been study in Europa and traveled around a lot in the wide world.

Anyone who wondered about the fish earlier might decipher this skipper in net and working state by her
the most known women artist in San Francisco

Gossip about someone speaking fluently ….. continues

Could Commander Snake Thompson create visibility for himself and his sake, in love and war as living and dead by the art of black and white PR.


Dr Kühne missionary mission

Dr Kuhne with family

happy days… in Kühne family or Dr Kühne with Family, as the legendary Commander Snake Thompson with a family.

Mission and Missionary

I found no sign of any missionary in the ordinary meaning, but from inside of what they do: They will always be missionary and on a mission. That is simply needed in order for success. One can label it whatever, Dr, spy, red cross worker or simply feel the fundamental aim in the humanitarian mission: To spread health, human rights and so on. Often in dangerous locations and time… That needs a missionary mind.


Quarantine hospital Staten Island, New York. Hated by many and put on fire by an arsonist mob as late as 1858. Then two new man made islands appeared in New York 1873, Hoffman Island and Swinburne Island. …to solve the problem

Father of Joseph Cheesman Thompson with his mother Lizzie Cheesman

Thomas Jackson Thompson the Father of Joseph Cheesman Thompson was a health officer in New York and for many years stationed in the Quarantine.

Thomas jackson thompson Qurantaine
Quarantine Staten Island

Riots and hate, all the diseases came from the new one – those strangers, you know

mission missionary Craszy snake
Missionary mission

On a mission for health, human rights .. a hard work that might take its toll
but they are missionaries on a mission. Or otherwise the would not be there at all. The Secret mission is parts of what might have inspired L Ron Hubbard and his later works as Scientology. And Strong inspiration it was.

Viktor Kuhne Mission Joseph C Thompson

Dr Joseph C Thompson as Dr Victor Kuhne in Geneva – The Neutral fact filled voice working better in PR of Love and war.

Hubbard learned something from the bragging style of helping, but how did he use it?

In deed indeeded – Broadcasting the long shadow by the presuming to have limitlessness in the distribution bag of possibilities.  The Superpowers always next ahead. Look carefully into why L Ron Hubbard liked to have himself as the holders of the light broadcasting the shadow and bring all the light through his objective.


Sounding over the borderlines – the body-less actions of the sound advice –

Facing the front & having a plan
That’s the Mission
Die Menschen
The Mansion

Crazy Snake impact L Ron Hubbard Scientology

L Ron Hubbard Crazy Snake Guam

Behind on the Volcano rock – Projecting undercurrent overhead

What did Thompson do with Hubbard?

From L Ron Hubbard Scientology

Thompson first was an ordinary man asked by his colleague Harry Ross
Hubbard to help his boy L Ron Hubbard. Ronald was sad and drifting away
not so reachable… So, Thompson did what anyone near most probable
would have.

Trying to blow the little baby’s cry away. trying to blow the lock of the youngster open. Taking a breath in and inspire.

Straighten out the knit knots tying him in

-pain in sexuality – what did tie him in – does not have to be true – for him-

(here some traces of trauma handling & let go as the relief) (thought language that tied Hubbard down)

Shooting straight from the hip, Thompson was telling small stories &
stories he had. He could brag the little inbound weak inbound Hubbard’s
sadness away. Took some objection and turned them around – So he
bragged about what he had been through so Hubbard easily could place
himself in to that very position. After 1927 Ronald Hubbard starts…

L Ron Hubbard tells about Orient

What did Hubbard do with the world?

He just echoes out what Thompson told him and the things that made him
happier then, without ever fully understand them. Some ugly play with PR
in Diplomatic language included, aimed in a specific purpose not as an
overall law of waltz in nature.

Tell the world what you have done – Spread the word – about him

Very Early comes in parts strictly irrational expeditions (if they are
not just strictly copycat actions like unearthing the cargo cultural
antenna as a temporal bone) (Hubbard looking for something that is not
there -or- performing cargo cultural spiritualist’s – halo antenna )
(finding treasures money and gold from earlier memories)

Selling what he tried to reach – The state of Clear –

Re-Baptizing his hyper-reactivity as Ethics to the Suppressive person SP and PTS

Make your failures be your strengths – Did not found gold on the gold searching journey

– Guess what I found in my wife backyard

Oct 3, 1927 A Ronald Hubbard starts telling about his experiences of the
orient – he speaks in his school and tells Helena independent. He ends
this with that he once was the youngest Eagle Scout ever.

Then follows a series of adventures and expeditions. Pretending to have
some value to science but more seems to be a cargo cult residual in sign

automated placing due to others withdrawal

Going forward upon others weakness…

Ron Hubbard has been elected president of the George Washington student
chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Searching for the
legend legitimization from a ghost.

 L Ron Hubbard president

After Guam it starts – The adventurous

One thing that Dr Joseph Cheesman Thompson might be very strong in is
the ability to internalize other humans, to feel their functions, their
faiths and fear. With his wide plethora experience, he was good in to
telling short stories from life and letting Hubbard adopt that position –
showing how easy massive major transfer of humans could be done in
examples from the wartime in PR & Propaganda from that very time.
And he was there he does know. Hi, placed himself mostly as a Teacher
outside of the School, started the free lectures about animals on San
Diego Zoo. Caesar the Kodiak bear traveled in his car to the zoo daily
for a while and the Kodiak bear was his first lecture.

Now see the perspective

Front in cave man

Others in front & since the quality goes up the only one left is the right one with high quality according to L Ron Hubbard, and who can we see

Lex perplexes in perspective – As the Intel of telling letters in individuality, from the very early years. Other tends to dispensary and he did in fact become an war hero himself. And

ァ Stasis iconography pair a graph in gravity ァ

L Ron Expedition

What support Hubbard meeting Joseph Cheesman Thompson?

Hubbard himself – Hubbard has the ultimately trustworthiness in an extremely small spectrum.
He usually takes from other and put together something he tells the
world he himself have done (Scientology). So, when Hubbard gives anyone
else any-kind of credit. I will trust him when he does this without
personal gain. The telling of a Commander Joseph Cheesman Thompson does
not match anything else and is hard to market.

edward Abramowski Dr Kuhne Affective emotions in Electrogalvanic responses Resume
Dr Victor Kuhne 1913 Resume about Psycho-galvanic effects

Hubbard starts after 1927 in Guam to go outbound

Showing a cargo culture pattern of something he felt clearly, but most probably never not fully understand. in Guam Hubbard learned (by the bragging example)
that the press could be captivated if handled right, he did understand that it could be done. After Guam he worked out how.

In the name of Cargo Culture – Summon – Xerox in the blue print

Hubbard forgot the most, but the mental image picture still goes – Searching earlier memories – Re incarnations – Ship ahoy

-Caesar of repeats in Bear stories telling -Kodiak

-The history of man -*

-Stories from history echoes in –

-Expeditions in the name of science

-The E-meter function & how emotion of affect could be measured

The only sign from psychotherapy and Freud is from the very old
Psychotherapist style many react to when Scientology comes. Copied from
an old copy. The action seems to be very first aid aim. And the action
seems to be the result from a short time bragging style action. There is
no sign of that Hubbard really did know Dr Thompson deeper than so.
Your smiling in your dreams to another man rather reveals a man afraid
of the deep.

Snake Thompson, a psychiatrist in the Navy that my father knew via my
grandfather. He named many, many sources for Scientology at various
times throughout these early years.

Decipher in the shipper the code in decoding the fish in the networking

Gobioclinus kalisherae

Gobioclinus Kalisherae, Labrisomus kalisherae. Downy Blenny.


*The San Diego Natural History Society met at the laboratory of the
department of anthropology at the Exposition grounds. After an address
by the president, Gen. A. W. Vogdes, Surgeon J. C. Thompson gave a
lecture on the natural history of men. . . . At the end of the lecture,
attention was called to the necessity for a metropolitan museum
association to permanently preserve the treasures that have been
assembled in the Science and Man and Indian Arts buildings and in the
California Quadrangle.

*San Diego Union, June 20, 1915, Classified, 2:4. Fair officials
suggested to control San Diego痴 Natural History Museum, by Surgeon G. C.
Thompson: The urgent need at present is that the community begin to
formulate ways and means that will have in view the proper upkeep and
maintenance of these collections as the nucleus of a museum of natural

*To popularize the summer school the Exposition directors have fixed the
unusually low fee of $7.50 for the term, which will include admission
to the Exposition. Among the educators who will be in the faculty are
Dr. J. C. Thompson, surgeon of the U.S. Navy; Dr. Edgar L. Hewett,
director of the School of American Archaeology; Percy Alvin Martin, Ph.
D., assistant professor of history, Stanford University; Dean W. F.
Riles of the State Normal School, San Diego; Miriam F. Besley; William
T. Skilling and Maria Goodard, in addition to special lecturers.

Joseph Cheesman Thompson less known Facts

joseph cheesman thompson

less known Facts about Crazy Snake Thompson also known as, Joe Tom Sun and Dr Victor Kühne.-Early expert on E-Meter fundamentals. wrote the Resume to Abramowski 1913.
Aggressive Threats and Suing as Scare tactics in the name of Science
-Marketing Management –Wartime -PR– Sociology of mass impact, to national mindsets by political science. The very odd blend -Psychotherapy with national mindsets and its folklorists -Diplomatic

The galvanic skin response is fundamental to the E-meter function so here it is very easy to see how a young L Ron Hubbard found plenty of inspiration to what later came to be Dianetics and Scientology.

psycho galvanic effects affective emotions Victor Kuhne resume Abramowski
Dr Victor Kuhne wrote the resume to one of the pioneer researchers in Psycho galvanometric emotional affects. 

Edward Abramowski
Edward Abramowski, Professor

Yes, Radecki and Abramowski where the absolute pioneers in connecting the facts of emotions affect and the galvanic responses. Abramowski was a giant in the fields of subconscious and a professor of experimental psychology in Warsaw University from 1915 until his death. The Resume of Edward Abramowski’s Pioneer manuscript on the psycho-galvanic – electrodermal effects on emotions was written by Joseph Cheesman Thomson in 1912-1913 under the name. Both Sigmund Freud and Jung was exerimenting with the word association test and it’s measurable outcome in the Psycho-Galvanometric Reflex.

Joseph Cheesman Thompson 1908 establishing himself as the German Naturalist Dr. Victor Kühne. Later in Geneva, … Perfecting the skills of being just a natural born German.

Joseph Cheesman Thompson as Dr. Victor Kühne

Victor Kühne highly active as the Neutral Swiss doctor

Viktor Kuhne Mission
Die Mission Von Dr Victor Kühne

Joseph Cheesman Thompson is an organization

Just as L Ron Hubbard took from many and anonymized their contributions and labeled it Scientology. The works of Joseph Cheesman Thompson can partly be visualized as the work of an organization, or one person heavily supported by an organization. After all being a Dr, Surgeon, Herpetologist and at the very same time being a frontier in Psycho-galvanic Responses towards word association test and the emotional loaded by words letting their meanings meander in time, writing the resume to the frontiers in the fields. Gives us the support factor he had at the time. But even with massive help he was solely himself responsible for knowing what was written in his name.

This highlight Thompson’s role in trying change objective how national mindsets and folklorist beliefs straightly before a massive war. That take some nerve and some skills, in both psychology and psychiatry of the individuals towards the sociology of the nations.

Sociology of Ruling Diplomatic
-The Science of politics ….
The publications by Victor Kühne might be interpreted as main interests in Slavic and Russian Sociology after he had established a heavy Scientific role as a highly reliable and trustworthy Doctor in Geneva. The psychology and psychiatry of politics through folklorists and national mindsets – Diplomatic. Or the Science of ruling politics by influencing sociology.

psycho galvanic effects affective emotions Victor Kühne resume Abramowski
Dr Victor Kühne


Psycho-galvanometriques sur l’Emotivité, par M. Edouard Abramowski, reumes par M. le Dr Victor Kuhne
Author/ Contributors: M. Edouard Abramowski. Victor Kuhne Edition/Format: Article : French
Publication: Bulletin de l’Institut general psychologique, 1913 Volume 20
Le subconscient normal Abramowski Edward 1914
added thanks to Clearing Scientology Dianetic Lafayette Ronald Hubbard

Freud to Joe Tom Sun
Sigmund Freud to Joe Tom Sun

Joe Tom Sun and Sigmund Freud
Joseph Cheesman Thompson known as “Joe Tom Son” seems to have asked Sigmund Freud about a Dr Stekel. Most probably about something recent done or expressed by Dr Stekel. For some reason this haven been discussed…. Much talk about Thompson and Freud, but why forget the actual message & reason of transmission?

Freud avoiding the straight answer
I Guess Freud thought he was answering a prominent Dr and that this Dr was Dr Victor Kuhne. Freud appears avoiding to answer the question straight, if Joe Tom Sun did not question Sigmund Freud on the frequency of his relations with Dr Stekel, witch i find highly unlikely.

The year before the postcard Dr Stekel have published some works about Bi-sexual and Homosexuality

Bisexual love dr Stekel
Bi-Sexual love Dr Stekel, William

If not Surgeon Joseph C Thompson have a personal relation with Dr Stekel the questions about him would probably be about his recently known public whereabouts, right?
Threats of Suing in the name of Science
Joseph Cheesman Thompson became an assistant curator in Herpetology. A position that was abruptly terminated. A regrettable tangle of names by Thomas Babour indicate that Thompson threatened the academy by suing and so on.

-​How could they Know that – Where is it?
I find it very strange that a supposed obituary by a his wife “Hilda Thompson” with large donation to the cat “Pak Kwai Mau” is visible online only by Silas L. Warner references, Where is it? The Psychoanalytic Roots of Scientology, by Silas L. Warner, M. D., a paper presented at the American Academy of Psychoanalysis, New York City, writes about it. What date was it publicized in the San Fransisco Chronicle? Anyone have seen it?

“Freud gave five lectures in German at a small college. Thompson was presumably absent, he being in Japan, Hawaii, or the Philippines during this period. Thompson also did not speak German.

By J. Swift in Xenu Scientology forum”

-Ok, fine. How do you know that Thompson not could speak German?
-How Could you ever know that, really? May i ask that?

Could Joseph Cheesman Thompson have been so stupid that he pretended to be German in Germany without being able to speak German?

joseph cheesman thompson Dr Kuhne
Joseph Cheesman Thompson as Dr Victor Kuhne

Joseph Cheesman Thompson in Germany in 1908 one year before Sigismund Schlomo Freud came to Clark University in US. Perfecting his skills to appear a natural born German based in Geneva with the name Victor Kühne. It is very hard to say delicately what he was up to every day but i find it very likely that he was fluent in German, Spanish and French just as he would have known what Poet meant in Tagalog.

Assuming a very little therapy, more a bragging style telling from Thompson, just in order to have an somewhat equal transfer and to blow the sad L Ron Hubbard’s complicated sadness away. Hubbard got some mental images not very integrated. A major impact in this, blending the fragmented.

Probably Not Joseph Cheesman Thompson

Wikipedia writes about a J. C. Thompson involved in the slapping incidence. This is Probably not  Dr, Joseph Cheesman Thompson the former Commander, Surgeon in USN.

j c thompson

Most probable identity is a James Claude Thompson head of the chemistry department in the University during that time. His son has the very similar name. The Thompson incident, mention a professor or a physician named J C Thompson.

Joseph Cheesman Thompson have been many things but not a professor, as far as i know. But there seems to be interests of making him larger than life.



Joseph Cheesman Thompson Family

Joseph Cheesman Thompson

L Ron Hubbard seems to have rated Crazy Snake Thompson as one of his greatest inspiration to Dianetics and Scientology. For a while it seems that the mystical Crazy Snake was more of a saga than an existing person.

Here we will show some fact about Crazy Snake Thompson who got his nicknames from his unusual way to solve a problem, to his friend crazy meant something really good.

Joseph Cheesman Thompson was Born 1874 in The Quarantine, Richmond county, Staten Island, New York.
lizzie Cheesman - Thomas Jackson Thompson

His mother was a New Yorker

Lizzie Elisabeth Thompson was born 1852 in Schenectady, Schenectady County, New York, USA, married 1873 a man born in England…

Thomas Jackson Thompson born in Foston, Lincolnshire, England, August 15, 1843. Dr. T. J. Thompson, studied medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, in New York, and graduated in 1872. In the 1870s he was the Deputy Health Officer of the Port of New York.

He was a health officer in New York and was stationed at the Quarantine for some years as a physician. Joseph Cheesman Thompson was born in the quarantine.

In 1858 The navy Hospital and the Quarantine was set on fire by an aggressive arsonist mob. The tension was obviously one of the reasons two new islands appeared in New York 1873. The hexagonal Swinburne island and Hoffman Island. A Hospital with cremation facility of its own.

But being from the quarantine was not always a good thing back in the days.

However things came to settle down and out of the ashes came new-borne. At the time of the 1880 census Lizzie and Thomas were living in Staten Island, New York where Thomas  was a physician. The family had 2 servants.

Lizzie Cheesman Thompson gave  birth to 3 sons
-Joseph Cheesman Thompson  1874 – 7 March 1943
-Thomas Percivale Thompson born 1880 – 18 Nov 1942
-Robert J Thompson born 1879 – 27 July 1886

Father , a physician working as health officer in New York when Joseph Cheesman Thompson was born he was stationed in Quarantine, Staten Island, 408 w 115 St in New York City.

Dr Thomas Jackson Thompson even was stationed in Nagasaki for a while.

Nagasaki Japan

Joseph spent 8 years of his childhood in Japan and became very familiar with the Japanese language as well as cultural traditions in both Japan and China during that period. An experience that made him very fast in regaining Japanese when stationed in Japan as a military surgeon much later.

Dr Thompson, Joseph Cheesman

Joseph Cheesman Thompson born in 1874 in quarantine dies in 1943. An heart condition he had been having the last seven years takes it toll. The last 3 weeks of his life he had 3 heart attacks. First one and two weeks later another heart attack and then a fatal one.

In the morning of 7 March 1943 Commander Snake Thompson told his wife Anna that he had “a pain about the heart” and goes back to bed around 0900 and very soon after that collapsed. Anna imminently called Dr Ka.. who arrived quickly to 1230 Washington St and 10.00 the 7 of march 1943 Commander Joseph Cheesman Thompson was declared Dead.


Dr Joseph Cheesman Thompson
Joseph Cheesman Thompson with one of his cats

San Francisco Commander Thompson was buried at the Golden Gate National Cemetery.

Since the Commander “snake” the navy surgeon to many is so unknown. …here for the very first time comes some facts about Dr Thompson’s  upbringing and family.

Robert J Thompson the youngest brother dies very young before 1900 and very little is known about his. To the other brother Commander Thompson appears to have very little or no relations at all, for reasons unknown.

Thomas Percivale Thompson

Thomas Percivale Thompson born Richmond County Staten Island, New York, US

55 year old he dies 18 Nov 1942 in Salem, Marion County, Oregon, USA

500 persons was poisoned in Salem State Hospital and 47 dies soon after. By mistake a helper in the hospital kitchen instead of the salt he was ordered to get in the basement floor got  Sodium Flouride and not Sodium Chloride. Insects poison instead of salt.

So the scrambled eggs was tasting strangely salty.

Thomas Percivale Thompson x

2845 Thomas P Thompson 1887 – 1942

“Thomas Percivale Thompson died of an accidental “acute sodium fluoride poisoning” on 11/18/1942 at 10 PM. He was one of 47 poisoning victims that evening at the State Hospital. Thomas’ body was never claimed and it was cremated about 3 weeks later. Articles in the newspapers detailed the incident and listed the victims. The following are portions of an article by Kathleen Carlson Clement: “One of the most tragic incidents in Salem’s history was the poisoning of nearly 500 patients and staff at the Oregon State Hospital, on the evening of 11/18/1942. Many who ate the scrambled eggs served for dinner that evening would later claim that they had tasted funny…

Within five minutes of consuming them, the diners began to sicken, experiencing violent stomach cramps, vomiting, leg cramps, and respiratory paralysis.

The first death came within an hour; by midnight, there were 32; by 4 a.m., 40. Local doctors rushed to the hospital to help out staff doctors. Eventually 47 people would die; in all, 467 were sickened. Though five wards had been served the suspect eggs, all the deaths occurred in four; in the fifth, an attendant had tried the eggs, found them odd tasting, and ordered her charges not to eat them… The day after the poisoning… pathologists determined that the sickness and death had been caused by sodium fluoride, an ingredient in cockroach poison.”

The Childhood at the Stawberry fields on Staten Island NY


State Police launched an investigation, and began interviewing staff and patients at the hospital….several days after the poisonings, two cooks at the hospital admitted they knew what happened… they realized soon after the symptoms had struck, but had not come forward for fear of being charged. (The head cook) took responsibility, saying he had been the one to send a patient trustee… to the cellar to get dry milk powder for the scrambled eggs… (The trustee) returned with a tin half-full of powder, an estimated six pounds of which were mixed into the scrambled eggs…. When people had begun getting ill, the cook question the trustee about where he’d found the powder, and discovered he had brought roach poison. District Attorney … ordered both cooks arrested. A grand jury declined to indict them; the patient… was never charged.”

During the 1900 census Thomas Percivale was 12, attending school and living with his parents in Manhattan where his father continued his career as a doctor. Walter Granger, a student of the ministry was boarding in the home. Thomas’ father’s health was poor. In 1901 he moved to Nagasaki, Japan. It is not known whether Thomas Percivale traveled with him or not.

In 1905 Thomas was a student in Seattle, Washington. He left the US on 5/2/1905 to live in Nagasaki, Japan where his father was. In 1909 he traveled to Siberia, Russia where he worked in the mining industry for the Anderson Myers & Company and Standard Oil. In 1909 at 22 he was described as 5 foot 9 inches with dark gray eyes, sandy hair. In October 1910 he arrived in Shanghai, China, still working in the mining industry. In 1911 he was living in Folchow, China.

About 1913 Thomas married Angie Martin Myers. She was 15 years older than Thomas. She was born on 1/18/1872 in Upper Red Hook, New York. Angie was caucasian and the daughter of Margaret Blanche Martin and Dr. Henry Van Schoohoven Myers, a clergyman. The Myers family was wealthy enough to have servants while living in New York. She attended Vassar and graduated in 1894. She studied at Yale and became a physician. In November 1899 Angie went to China as a medical missionary with the Student Volunteer Movement. She returned briefly to the US in 1909 and had left again in May 1910. In May 1913 moved to Foochow, China where she said Thomas worked in the American Consolate. She worked as physician and the chair of the National Committee of China, a large missionary effort. Angie’s mother died in Shanghai, Taiwan, China on 4/1/1914. On 5/15/1914 Thomas and Angie were living in Foochow, China. Their daughter Blanche Elizabeth Thompson was born on 8/26/1914 in Foochow. Their son Joseph “Charles” Thompson was born in Shanghai, China on 2/21/1917. Angie would have been 42 and 45 at the time her children were born.

In 1917 Thomas’ brother Joseph was stationed in San Diego, California. Joseph was given a promotion to Commander and transferred to the Naval Medical School in Washington DC. Thomas & Joseph’s father father died in San Diego on 1/10/1917.


According to Angie, in 1917 Thomas was doing “relief work for the State Department” in Irkutak, Siberia. She reported to her college classmates that Thomas had been the vice-consul at Foochow and that he spoke fluent Russian and German. She said he was asked to help in the relief work in Siberia carried on by the US government for Austrian and German World War I prisoners. When the US entered the war the relief work ended. He became the general manager for Anderson, Myers & Co. in Kolgan near the Great Wall of China. The company was involved with mining and import/export activities. Thomas, Angie and their children were living in Mukden, Manchuria, China in 1920. Angie’s father died in China in 1923. In 1923 Thomas’ mother was living in Pasadena, California. Thomas left Shanghai by himself in April 1926 heading for Seattle.

In the 1930 census he was living alone in Seattle, Washington where he was working on an oil station. He was reportedly married, but neither Angie nor their children were living with him. In 1932 daughter Blanche was traveling in England then enrolled at Wheaton College in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1934 Thomas’ son Charles returned from China to attend Suffield School in Suffield, Connecticut. Probably the Suffield Academy is a coeducational boarding school.

At least by 1935 Thomas was living in Portland, Oregon. And by 1937 Thomas was working and living on a government-operated dredge near Portland, Oregon. On 6/15/1937 Thomas was sentenced to 30 days in jail for failing to pay the fee for a taxi ride ($6.60). It was probably during his incarceration that his sanity came under question. On 6/24/1937 Thomas was admitted to the Oregon State Hospital, a residential facility in Salem, Oregon for the treatment of people with mental illness. In August 1937 Angie was still living in their home in Peitai Ho, 20 miles south of the great wall near Tientsin.

Thomas was listed among the patients at the state hospital on the census of 1940. During that same census his son Charles was serving in the US Army as a lieutenant in Fort Bragg Manchester, Cumberland, North Carolina. During the censuses of 1930 and 1940 brother Joseph living in San Francisco. Joseph had a fascination with snakes and other reptiles. He was said to be the first to introduce Siamese cats to California.

After being a patient at Oregon’s mental institution for over 5 years Thomas died there on 11/18/1942 in the poisoning accident. He was 55 years old. About that time Angie was being held in a Japanese internment camp in Asia.

Meanwhile World War II was raging in Europe and the Pacific. Negotiations were taking place for the release of Angie and others who had been caught behind enemy lines.

The M.S. Gripsholm was a Swedish cruise ship chartered by the U.S. government to transport POWs, diplomats, journalists, nurses, missionaries and merchants, e.g. “oil people”, and crew members of U.S. merchant ships, who had been left behind in Asia.

On 10/16/1943 the Gripsholm sailed into the harbor at Mormugao, India, where the Teia Maru, a Japanese troop ship, was waiting with Angie and 1,515 other passengers, mostly Americans and Canadians who had been interned in Japanese-held Asia. On 10/22/1943 Angie left Mormugao aboard the Gripsholm heading for her home in Albany, New York. She arrived in New York City on 12/1/1943 a year after Thomas had died. She was 71. In 1946 she was living in Lithia Massachusetts. She was appointed as house mother at Spelman College, a historically black liberal arts college for women located in Atlanta, Georgia. Angie died 8/10/1954 in Los Angeles.


Dr Joseph C Thompson and L Ron Hubbard Impact to Scientology


Hubbard started after Guam with this style lightly – Bragging telling what he saw

Ronald Hubbar tells

and he feels the echo & recognized the feeling that Thompson left – by bragging out more and more feeling less sore – getting power getting stringer.  Hubbard ends his lecture about Guam in 1927 by telling that he once was the youngest eagle scout ever.

-Thompson’s only aim would then have been to open up to set new track in –


Nothing but the memory of pressure released – into the watermarked – Transparent zoo


L Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ronald Hubbard

Thompson had experiences from hole the world – in loves and war

Sociology of holding several forces & the Science of politics


L Ron Hubbard was a hard case and a sad kid. How could he ever being able to do something about it`? I Want everyone to ask them-self that very question, deeply and hard before continue.

I Suggest that one of the relatively fast way into L Ron Hubbard as a boy was by surprise  his sadness away, just like cheating the baby on its crying. So Thompson would need to be remarkable, sharp and spectacular every time. And this can come relatively easy with a long wide experience from many fields and levels.

Making the resistance jokingly easy to overcome – sometimes even with a laughter

Always bragging the position for ones self – Letting little Hubbard adopt the position –

Letting the thorns become easier to have and to hold – by alternate explanations

If it is not true for you it is not truth


Sharing the multitudes of plethora experience he had

Knowing how to put attention to what he did – spreading mythology like and disguised expert

Nothing of this seems typical for Dr Thompson but could be typical for the situation of having a very short amount of time, unable to make strategic decisions, so the tactics might have been just to let the little sad Hubbard emotionally tasting the flow and every time he tried to protest he got an even worse story. Like how Thompson threatened the academy with suing and scare tactics, all in the name of science. It can very easily be visualized as a powerful flow demonstration of a man with a lot of experience from sociology and folklorists in national mindsets, with all the psychology and psychiatry that goes in there.

Online many have question if L Ronald Hubbard was molested  as a child, maybe mostly because his sometimes very strange stories about sex and young boys and even sex and young girls. That question might be impossible to answer correctly, maybe he was maybe not … Thompson might have added descriptions in order to make it easier for the young Hubbard to carry  his experiences and go on. Hubbard got sexual educations very early on and this might be an explanation to the very black and white propaganda of Sociology in wartime. There are not so many things like it.

Thompson drove Caesar to the Zoo every morning and started the cage lectures at the zoo. This might have inspired Hubbard to wrote bragging how he meet a Kodiak bear in Alaska. bragging to national newspapers and the adventure club.

The only reason to use the bragging style again – is the ability to equal talking & transfer

Caesar of bear telling

J C Thompson was the one who introduced the cage lectures to the young public of the Zoo.

For a while Thompson also drove Caesar the Kodiak bear to the Zoo in his car – he did know Caesar

And was the one who could be bragging about it

Hubbard himself started to the news-press and at the adventure club

Talking about his fights with a Kodiak Bear – in a bragging style ..


Some stories was easy to adopt to – for the one who felt he had nothing and was like a black board


Was L Ron Hubbard Influenced by Dr Joseph Cheesman Thompson`?

Yes. most probably heavy.

The marketing managements of different segments  L Ron Hubbard branches as, A church, Narconon, CCHR and so on looks more like Sociology in war time in which where different groups collaborate more like a chess-game than in Psychotherapy, suggesting that Hubbard did get pieces of a larger puzzle directly from Dr Thomson but most of all, The Feeling of How it could be done.

The Battle plane, the uniformed and non uniformed in uniformed setting towards the same goal. The experience of Dr Thompson is highly special and done by light it might appear like some structural pieces by L Ron Hubbard  even if it never was meant to be that way. Just a short and influential help to help Harry Ross Hubbard his colleague and friend with his problem boy L Ron Hubbard. Probably the session had to end earlier than expected due to the circumstances to the both men at that time.

Adopted as a red man J C Thompson

Lafayette Ronald’s father did serve at Puget Sound and in Guam maybe even a shorter time in Washington DC at the navy hospital there in more or less the same time as Joseph Chessman Thompson.


Similarities tend to appear, as L Ron Hubbard tells his story  to newspapers and to the adventures club about the Kodiak Bear. And the Kodiak bear was what Dr Thompson started the Zoo lecture with. So Caesar as the Kodiak bear was named was probably something that was included in the short meetings between the little sad L Ron Hubbard and Thompson who wanted to help his father Harry Hubbard.

Thompson was probably a major inspiration to Hubbard together with all the philosophy he supposedly have read. But one factor is seldom named and when it is just as one stolen artifacts, there is plenty of things in God By Proxy as the Celebrity and the Museum of Science as well as the free educations that never cost anything but is available just to members and membership costs and so on. The Mail Order occultism Hubbard started with i suggest have had a larger importance than just a stolen Space figure of Xenu / Xemu.

Things L Ron Hubbard might have learned from Thompson
-To Suing threats and being aggressive in the name of science
-The fundamentals to the E-Meter function
-Psychotherapy and mindsets in bold national level
-Psychotherapy of hiding intentional on covered sentences
-Bragging style (unintentional from Thompson)*

-Cover in discover – Scientific traveling abroad adventure

-Kodiak Bear Bragging at adventure club and to Newspapers

-The natural History of man

-To turn against Sociological mindsets. that’s not psychotherapy that’s more something that Thompson could be involved in and also probably joking and bragging about, without any intention whatsoever to ever using it that way. Cause the only objective was to temporally blow the sad little LRon Hubbard’s mind away. This also on a timeline suggest that this therapy & Education was on a very short time level and probably shorter than expected.

Semantics like if it is truth for you then it is the truth – sounds more like some steps on a thought language ladder that would expand and not stop there. Some steps in order to the little Hubbard to release some blocking that was holding him back hard, there and then.

In other words if Thompson just was himself and using a bragging style therapeutics just to blow Hubbard hard-stiff sadness away, then his experiences as an diplomatic character in a foreign sometimes hostile environment would be likely to show up. How he cheated them and so on..

I assume the bragging-style of contact shaping in this case just because it had been a fast way to shape contact between the young sad Hubbard and Dr Thompson who had no reason to brag or do anything else than follow the laws of function and to use the nature of what goes to shape the initial positive contact between them. This also include that their contact most likely never did develop so much longer beyond that initiation and what Dr Thompson had that intuitively could make LRons mind go away from where it was at the time

Gobioclinus kalisherae

Joseph Cheesman Thompson

*It has not been able to establish any kind of psychotherapy in the Hubbard – Thompson relation, it seems from known facts that a little sad L Ron Hubbard did meet Commander Thompson and have been asked by his friend and college Harry Ross Hubbard to try to help the little L Ronald. The time available suggest with the effects a very fast and that we from its action it had can interpret as bragging style telling from the hip of what goes.

-Or how to blow the little crying child’s cry away & stealing the worries –

Did Joseph C Thompson study under Freud`?

There is no support of that claim. Even if Thompson would have said who his teachers was i dough that L Ron Hubbard know enough much about them in order to keep them in his memory. If Thompson would have said that he wrote the resume to the Science of Psycho galvanic effects during word association tests and meaning and that Abramowski was an interesting person i guess that the name was the least important thing to remember for a sad Hubbard that just was blown away by the spectacular presentation by Joseph C Thompson, just as he intended.

Probably had Thompson tried to get good relations with the most prominent professionals in his field and doctors in the area during that time and geographical location in order to do his work, And the first step in that work was to establish a genuine and heavy profile that was taken seriously. The internalizing by Thompson of Psychoanalysis might be the thing that made him questioning Dr Stekel and later on also support Freud so hard that he had to leave his position as vice-president of the Washington Psychoanalytic association.

Joseph Cheesman Thomspon as Victor Kuhne
Dr Joseph Cheesman Thompson in Berlin to establish Victor Kühne


Edward Abramowski

Dr Victor Kühne wrote a resume to the Psychogalvanic effects in affect emotions to one of the very Pioneers in the field who just years later got a professor title in the university of Warsaw, on the thematic of experimental psychology. Dr Edward Abramowski.


I Do admit that Hubbard have some Fingerspitzengefühl, just like the mask and the fisher dechiper & Joseph James Deangelo also has this special sensing. Deanelo might be very sensitive in the fingertips he lacks, and this is the phantom sense that now speaking in undercurrent from another distance in the ghost talk.

Start selling the adventure as a schooner sail far far away.

After some of the small bragging lessons he received from Thompson he start by himself

Start selling the adventure plot – and the things already told by Thompson

The Kodiak bear adventure -(at the adventure club and to newspapers)

Joseph Cheesman Thompson and a Copycat

He always start selling something he lacks, after the gold searching s experience he came back empty handed and found gold on his one wife’s backyard.

The Hyper-reactive man who never learned to take critics, start selling a Science that reliefs the Reactive mind from mindsets and re-baptize it as PTS and SP because critics to the reactive man is problems and suppressive to the little weak mastermind.

What he learned that works and cant be sold are transformed


A Reasonable advice from Thompson as “take your failures and make something good out of em” later on was interpreted as the gold found on his wife’s backyard and by frankly stealing two stories and make them to one, removing the references making it to his own. Just as the Kodiak bear adventures and Scientology


Ok Dr. Thompson he was a carrier surgeon in USN what could he ever know about PR and marketing management in general?

-Read again..!   W.A.R ALLEN on to how he fell in love with the daughter to the richest girl in Hawaii when he was on Mohican in Honolulu. Read again the massive impact of the German alter ego he established. Now speaking from the neutral Switzerland  from more than one side, this is the art of holding a grip on the state of art.


Joseph Cheesman Thompson as Victor Kuhne

joseph cheesman thompson


First of all bowing to Peter Söderqvist and Caroline Letkeman highly Suppressive Persons to the mythology of Scientology and the robbed contributors that Hubbard made anonymous by pretending the ideas was solely his own.

Now to some mythology…

Freud gave five lectures in German at a small college. Thompson was presumably absent, he being in Japan, Hawaii, or the Philippines during this period. Thompson also did not speak German.  By J. Swift

Did Thompson Not Speak German
-How do you know that? How could you ever know that?

Scientology Scientologist certainty know how

The certain knowledge in Scientology and Ex Scientology – Believed knowledge that really is not there- Or what is this about really?

-Joseph Cheesman Thompson probably wrote to Sigismund Sclomo Freud in German
-and get an answer in German and even stranger
-Why did he go to Germany and pretending to be a German if he could not speak German?

The Scientologist is beside the creator of Neo Scientology L Ron Hubbard himself the most well-known reasons to that the mythology persist.

There is some features in the telling about Thomson that has not be written about


Freud to Joe Tom Sun



Joseph Cheesman Thompson as Victor Kuhne

Here Joseph Cheesman Thompson is in Germany in 1908 the year before Sigismund Schlomo Freud came to Clark University in US.  Perfecting his skills to appear a natural born German based in Geneva with the name Victor Kühne. It is very hard to say delicately what he was up to every day but i find it very likely that he was fluent in German, Spanish and French just as he would have known what Poet means in Tagalog. His wife was very good in German and her parents to, she was once one of the most well known women artists in San Francisco

Joseph C Thompson Unknown sides

-Early expert on E-Meter fundamentals and wrote about it psychoanalytic reflex
-Aggressive Threats and Suing as Scare tactics in the name of Science
-Psychotherapy with national mindsets and its folklorists during Wartime

Viktor Kuhne Mission in Genf

Giving a possible reason to early reports about Dianetics as an copy of an “Early Psychotherapy”

Sigmund Freud postcard to Dr. Joe Tom Sun in Seattle

Freud to Joe Tom Sun

July 27, 1923
Best thanks for your letter. And most of all for the charming photograph of the three graces (angels) on the Pacific Ocean.
Yours dedicated,
P.S. I have hardly any (or no) relations with Dr Stekel”

The answer is to a question about something that Dr Stekel recently have done. (most probably)

Freud avoiding the straight answer

The feeling of needing to explain his own relation to Dr. Stekel by the words “P.S. I have hardly any (or no) relations with Dr Stekel” could be interpreted as he was writing to a person who’s authority he did not question and not wanted to be questioned by. If Joseph Thompson had no personal relation with Dr. Stekel the question most likely would be about some of the recent works by Dr. Stekel.  Freud answer would be straight to a question like: Whats your frequency of relation with Dr Stekel.

The Homosexual Neurosis Dr Stekel

In 1922 Dr Stekel become known for his books about the Homosexual neurosis.

As well as about Bi-Sexual Love

Bi-Sexual Love By Dr. Stekel

Since Dr. Stekel was and still is one of Freud’s most known adepts a question about him would not be strange at all.

L Ron Hubbard clearly states that Joseph Cheesman Thompson had Sigmund Freud as a teacher without showing any evidence of that.

Joseph Cheesman Thompson Headline in Love

Joseph Cheesman Thompson as Victor Kuhne

Some of the writings and published  about Joseph Cheesman Thompson is like a saga, first the maiden voyage … and then to how he almost instantly fell in love with one of the richest girls in Honolulu that actually happened to be one of Ah Fong’s 13 daughters that he now wanted to marry away. (a fairy-tale in itself)

Plenty articles with more or less the same text was written about the Surgeon Joseph C Thompson on Mohican in Honolulu Hawaii. Distributed to every little small newspaper in the country. 1898. (even some with slightly spelling errors in the name) The on of the Millionaire Ah Fong Beautiful daughter that Dr Joseph Cheesman Thompson fell in love to at once is a Miss Alice Hutchinson, (to right up above)

naval surgeons marriage

Many other countries far away reaches by this new. Oceania … Australia

Closeup PR ink to dot

For reason not completely clear one of the most written about marriages to take place in 1898 does not happen. One article writes about that Thompson first gets extra permissions in order to be able to spend time with his new love and then his Commander was told that this would not go, since it can undermine the moral of our good soldiers … or something in that way.


Next time Surgeon J. C Thompson USN appears in the press in major articles is 1899. Now the father of one of San Fransisco’s well known women artist declare how proud he is about his daughter and that she now is ready to marry Dr, Joseph C. Thompson. A surprise  wedding it would be between Emilie Kalisher one of the most well known women artist in San Fransisco.

Joseph Cheesman Thomson & Emilia Kalisher

Mr. Edward D. Kalisher has issued announcements of the marriage of his daughter, Emilia, to Dr. Joseph C. Thompson, U. S. N. The marriage took place last Friday, and was a great surprise except to the bride’s very intimate friends. Miss Kalisher had frequently avowed her disinclination to surrender her liberty, and her friends believed that she was wedded to her Art. Just a little while ago she said she intended going to Mexico this spring to secure some new sketches. But Dr. Thompson must be congratulated that he has persuaded Miss Kalisher to forsake her independent existence. She is one of the most brilliant women T have ever met, and is very handsome, with rich, brunette coloring, midnight hair and eyes. She studied painting at the Hopkins, and then went abroad, pursuing her studies in Paris for some years, in Munich and other places. She is a very successful portrait painter. Before she decided to become an artist she taught in the public schools here. She is well versed in French and German and bad been perfecting herself in Spanish with view to the Mexican trip. Miss Kalisher’s sister, Clara, studied music in Paris, and is still, I believe, abroad. She has a fine soprano voice.

They seems to travel to the orient together and she is now as married named as Emilia Kalisher Thompson.

She seems to know some one so skilled that he was rarely taken to be an American. So fluently and skilled in language style and manner. Emilia Kalisher’s father and mother was born in Germany so she …

She waited a long time to marry and many of her friends thought that she was married to her art. But the marriage does not making her lose interest of her art.

In America the oriental experiences could be shown

Speaking French and German the newly wedded seems to follow as a pair some of the time.

Emilia Kalisher Thompson continues to work on her exhibitions and art, traveling and get inspired

Shows, Exhibitions and ..

She has studied with famous teachers in Paris, Holland. Now she having Talks about her experiences to past centuries accompanied by photographs…

One of the most well known artists and Bachelor woman in San Fransisco and California

bachelor young women of california

It can be hard to look back an trying to figure out delicately what happened back there in history. Here one can assume that two marriages took place, but no marriage records or divorce records have been found. Several documents (mostly newspaper) suggest a marriage to Emilia Kalisher .


A Divorce between Emilia Kalisher and Joseph C Thompson is registered: Oregon Historical records 1920 Record # 48928 Case number # 17071.

Her parents was born in Germany. Emilia Kalisher was born in Stockton, CA on Nov. 6, 1868.

By the 1890s Kalisher had settled in San Francisco and was studying at the School of Design. After three years of art study in Paris and Holland, she returned to San Francisco in 1899. Her name was Thompson at the time of her death in San Francisco on Dec. 19, 1959 strongly suggest a marriage.

Victor Kühne

Anna Thompson or Hilda Thompson also seems to be linked to Joseph Cheesman Thompson.  Some sources suggest that she was born in Dutch East India 1893 (Java) but many of the sources appear like spots and have been impossibly to been linked in a wider lines and pictures. Anna Thompson seems however to been registered at the same address that appears in Sigmund Freud s addresses on American psychotherapists 1230 Washington street.  Googling “Anna Van Laven” gives 1230 Washington street to.

What is known so far

Anna V Thompson, or Anna Hilda Thompson that is said to have written an Obituary in San Francisco Chronicle seems to be born in Java by Dutch parents. But we have never been able to find anything about the Obituary except in the writings of Ward. is it not strange that a famous last will giving a major amounts of money to a cat is invisible online? And occurring just from one single observation point, the writings of Wards M.D.

喬, 湯, 森.

Anna V Thompson


9 January 1892 – 19 April 1963 wife of Commander J C Thompson USN.