Netting the heavy into your grid line and tell all your secrets – so now you have to project your picture of yourself into the forces who know about it.

That’s really nothing new, but old things by principle, the new is to do it to more or less complete strangers  with a electro-psycho-meter or a e-meter as the more modern name is.


A military organization with paramilitary forces that with that basically is an extreme marketing form of tunnel-sight and the personal ease in a tunnel-sight. The Battle-plan and the central uniform is just like in any classic war to 1 avoid showing what it is on the battlefield, hence is the forces away dressed into the semantics of what goes on the battlefield.

Red Cross, chock helping agents – Guardian Office – OSA – Terror –

Against drugs – with the Higest addiction factors of every cult – in recovery time unassisted.

Free speech & but don’t question the leader of Freedom TM

Learning enchantments that helps to deepens hypnosis & to the Narrowing tunnel


Navy Marine – that likes to overstate his degrees and roles in importance of the matter

Intelligence officer at the Office of Censorship


Took what could be taken and went away to make the contribution anonymous by tearing away labels of potential recognition


Member in AMORC degree II at 16 years of age. Here came Xenu and implants

-the main thing that differs AMORC from all the major ordens and alike is the very extensive marketing. And the special marketing by Super celebrities of that time. The main thing in L Ron Hubbard’s specialty besides being a hypnotist.

Jack Parson, started a company together and did get secret information about orden, Run away with money from the company and Jack Parsons Girlfriend, threatens to kill himself if she did not marry him.

And this pattern in, continous repeat, just repeating. And some obligatory correction. When the lies like “Doctor” “Dr” “nuclear physicist” becomes counteracting the purpose of marketing the shit.

Anonymizing was important it seems since he would prefer to be some kind of major source to it all. I Will here also suggest that he had one major idol himself.



The Stealth mode of the Definition, does tell you the holy story as in a distance but at the very same time this story is about you and now.

-The implants

-Humans are Hypnotized

-Bad things other do

-Amplify the definition – so opposition is not so visible


The Biophysics of the psychosocial image we all share into the pictures of reality, the fundamental questions of weight, weight in connecting to central places. gravity. central to any assembler what else is a planetary system arriving from.