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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years I’ve been asked many questions. Some of them frequently come up and so I’ve listed them here. To submit another question please contact me directly. Many of these questions will be answered more thoroughly in my upcoming book.   (Ed. Scythe Tleppo)

Are you an anti-Scientologist?

I am a former Scientologist. I’m not against the beliefs of any Scientologist and I recognize and fully respect their right to believe anything they choose. I am against lying and deceit that the Scientology corporation and its followers use to obfuscate their intentions and beliefs. I am against abuses and tax-exempt status for abusive organizations. Tax-exemption is support from the government and is deserved only in cases where abuse is not a core feature. Disconnecting families is abuse. I don’t sit around all day thinking about Scientology. I am not “going after” Scientology or Scientologists. I simply work to expose my experience and disallow misinformation around me when it comes to subjects, I have experience with. One of those subjects happens to be Scientology.

Do you have faith now? Are you a Christian?

When I got out of Scientology, I was still a Scientologist in the way that I viewed life and thought about reality. Over many years my viewpoints shifted to be less and less aligned with Scientology. I no longer consider myself a Scientologist in thought or belief. However, I do still hold some very basic ideas as “likely” which are entirely faith-based. I personally believe there is something behind the physical reality which is not physical. I personally believe we are more than the physical sum of our parts. I accept that these are not evidence-backed beliefs. The only dangers I have detected in having these beliefs is that I sometimes find myself more passive in life, believing somehow I have much more time than this life. I am trying to work on this issue.

I strongly feel that the specifics of Christianity, along with every other religion, are quite obviously factually incorrect. I think the value of religions is real. I think the underlying messages have merit: I do believe there is more to life than we can understand. And to me, religion is the attempt of humans to articulate that feeling. And unlike several people I admire, like Sam Harris, I do believe the underlying truth is represented there.

How did you break the indoctrination of Scientology?

I never set out to break the indoctrination of Scientology. As I grew up, I by default believed Scientology. There were always little strange inconsistencies and things that didn’t sit right in my mind but overall I believed it was true. I just didn’t care about the truth in the same way others did. I didn’t care if Scientology was the only way to help the planet and save all our souls and so on… I just wanted to be a kid and live my life. By the time I was out of Scientology, I was already indoctrinated to the deepest levels possible. I believed I was a Thetan. I believed Scientology was all true. I believed in aliens and the entire history laid out by Lafayette Hubbard. Again, I just didn’t care.

I lived on the streets homeless for many years. As I continued my drug abuse that started at the Mace-Kingsley Ranch, I mostly ignored Scientology as a study, and took to observing things for myself. I did not seek out anti-Scientology people or information. I did not seek out counseling or any kind of assistance with understanding the nature of reality or myself.

The break was very, very gradual for me. One of the first things that shook parts of the edges of belief for me was when I started understanding what Scientology words meant in the normal world. “Invalidate,” for example, in Scientology is more similar in meaning to “make fun of” or “insult.” When I realized that “invalidate” actually means to successfully negate something, or to show something as actually untrue, a seed was planted. “Postulate” is a word in Scientology that means to actually create some reality by using intention alone. It’s commonly used in a similar way as “hope something will happen,” but in fact we believed if you postulated strong enough, that thing would actually happen. As I learned that to “postulate” something actually means to assert something as being true, the edges broke a little further. Ironically, by learning the actual words in English, I was in effect “clearing” my misunderstood words; the misunderstood words Scientology itself introduced me to.

These small cracks widened and grew deeper as other things I had always observed to not be true became more glaring. Learning that in fact almost no one had ever heard of Scientology when I got out in 1999, I realized something was wrong with the message of worldwide dissemination Scientology was putting out. Over the years I found again and again smart people. Smart, successful people. None of these people believed in Scientology and yet they were so successful. I examined my family and looked for signs of superhuman achievement and success. I didn’t find any.

As I slowly pulled myself out of the horrible life of homelessness I became more industrious, working any job I could get. I realized my family never enjoyed working and was constantly trying out the latest “get rich quick” pyramid scheme or low-labor job. It became a thorn in my mental side. Why were they so insistent on doing as little work as possible? Why were they so lazy? Something was wrong.

There were many, many other small indicators like these. And over time as I thought about the depths of life and reality, each thing I thought I knew slowly fell apart. There was no single realization that Scientology was wrong. It was a slow cracking and breaking.

Continues – part two ..

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