Commander Snake Thompson in love and Crazy War

Joseph Cheesman Thompson

PR in Black & White
EMilia kalisher thompson artist

Examples from Commander Snake Thompson’s private life

-A marriage that never happens
-One that does occur
Commander Thompson seems to have an ability to captivate the press into his whereabouts. His Sociology of mass impact Pr in wartime is harder to evaluate. But did Crazy Snake Thompson in any way managed the art of marketing management in love and war?

I would say Yes! This is a sample.

But also managed the art of winning and behave in order to so do – Meaning that he might have been very anarchistic in expressions of his behavioral roots of social life and skilled at it. Black and White PR is Wartime action with it’s diplomatic. At first it might appear just like crazy until one realize that there was no known road out of the problem, so a new one has to be invented.

strange crazy notations

Snake quickly internalize a function

it is easy to see how a young L Ron Hubbard could be very inspired by a bragging style Thompson, who had no reason to brag to anyone, but to blow the little sad ones sadness away. And so he did. To me this just indicate an older man blowing a little minds cry far away. With the strengths of his experience he had some to put into it.

With the strengths of Dr. Thompson’s Science expeditions or spy expeditions flagged as science, as well as Dr Thompson’s experiences from starting the Lectures outside the cages of the animals in the San Diego Zoo. He know Caesar the Kodiak bear, for a while he drove Caesar to Zoo in his Automobile every morning and what Hubbard expressed in handling was …
-Aye Aye Copy that Sir!

But there might be a huge difference between just copying a encyclopedic from Piratebay and learning after a while, one eyed vision. After all there is a huge difference between Snake and selling Snake poisons and rattle in the quackery area. A copycat makes not a Siamese.

Learning teachers
Entrepreneur souls last in bone and stone – The XO Skeleton .
Way beyond the Newspapers and the black and white.

Most of all Dr Thompson was a teacher
Married to ladies that also seems to have been teachers. The ability to internalize the functions of nature did show up in many ways from the ability to catch a fish, get that snake. Or simply by transfer, his know-how in a way teacher not always manage to do. Inducing the state of learning, awaken the mind to the nature around.
Wife of Dr Joseph C Thompson
Remember the fish image earlier, Downy Blenny baptized after his Emilia Kalisher, the colorful artist with her landscape in mind. Oops Emilia K Thompson it was.

Downy Blenny is not like the Fang Blenny the venom injecting fish with the painless bite.

Emilia Kalisher Thompon

Sometimes almost invisible, sometimes just strikingly there.

Gobioclinus kalisherae. Named at the request of Dr Thompson, in Honor of Miss Kalisher

Swim with the fishes
And naming them in colored glance. Miss Emilia Kalisher and colorful artist, one of the most well known bachelor women in California and the most well known women artist in San Fransisco.
Commander Snake Thompson did not appear to have any problems expressing his appreciation to the beloved ones. Surprise and lift you up is very near every parents action to their child – Hubbard mentioning Thompson, yes it appears so. But not the other way around, even it seems suggested so by interest of the copy-cat.

In China, he becomes close friends with British intelligence officers, Buddhist priests, US Marines and the last remaining magician from the line of Kublai Khan’s court. (1926-1929: Travels in Guam) .  L Ron Hubbard, Scientology Hagiographer.

China, British intelligence, Buddhist priests, US marines? Yes the copycat was clearly inspired. Xerox in G – the gravity of the impact. What else could it be? The lies mirroring what he wanted to be. And then follows in the same pattern. The reactive mind selling freedom from it & relabels his reactivity as the nature of protesting against anyone in opposition to him. They are Suppressive Persons, they are Potential problem sources PTS.

Bragging and lifting you Inverted

Hubbard was delighted and becomes very skilled in using this technique in the most inverted way. This might also in several ways mirror his personality, not just the personality test. He learned part of the art but never seems to get the bigger picture.

Liftining and sinking TECH

Inverted like a clockwork –

Knowing the correct spelling of the word and missing the meaning. The dear near loving lift appears in Hubbard mostly inverted but always starts with a lift, welcome in … Why does Hubbard do like this?Exactly how much have L Ron Hubbard been strictly abusive to what he learned, is hard to say. But to catch anyone in Scientology he always starts with a little lifting first. Without ever forgetting his mother sweet singing voice. And this comes from somewhereThey can't take my dreams by L Ron Hybbard's mother
Auntie came running on the boardwalk With, some old song … ledora sang to me. Hubbard pretends to be juicy. And Hubbard Ron L is as always quick into something else… Don’t question the direction of the flow – Directing Dervish. So he remember his dreams and forget to be awaken.Just like a giant baby, like we all are in the beginning, just concentrated on growing. This in itself might also be an indication of that Commander Thompson never really did know the nature of the little L Ron Hubbard, but was happy to help him higher.
Scientology Map L Ron Hubbard group contributed with some images just to thumb in the picture and get a grip.


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